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26 February 2008

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25 February 2008

Video impression of Granada and the Alpujarras

This video only highlights three ´musts´ while visiting this region: Granada with the Alhambra and the Alpujarran villages Lanjarón, Pampaneira and Trevélez. The Alpujarras has more to offer than these villages. Nevertheless this video is one of the few well made videos we found on the internet.

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Alpujarras events calendar

Here we have extracted the module ´events calendar´ from our website Apart from this calendar we dedicate this blog individual articles on events (see ALL ARTICLES ON EVENTS). This may take the form of an announcement (if we are informed in time) or a report.
Use the scrollbar or mouse scroll button to go down the list!

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17 February 2008

Mulhacen winter ascent

The Mulhacen is not difficult to climb in summer and along the normal tracks. This excludes the northface. In winter the weather on the mulhacen decides if your yourney will be a fairytale or a disaster. We selected this video from youtube as example of a winter fairytale.

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Click here to link to the original page on youtube for more details.

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Webcam Lanjaron

Lanjarón is the western entrance to the Alpujarras. It lies 20 kilometers west from El Paraje as the crow flies. Although in a mountainous area all corners have their own character, this picture gives a fair idea about the weather conditions at the moment.
(IExplorer: Use Ctrl + F5 to refresh picture download).

Courtesy of Spanishhighs Walking, Trekking & Mountaineering activity holidays in Lanjarón.

Check out their live weatherstation!

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1 February 2008

Links on Berchules and Alcutar

general - lodgings - activities - bars - restaurants - supermarkets
shops - businesses - banks - fuentes - monuments - videos - photographs

General information:
- description on turgranada, on adr alpujarra , on
- street map (or ´plano´)
- town hall latest official website  town hall old website
- local weather forecast
- guardia civil (tel: 958-9002)
- post office or ´correos´ at plaza abastos (12.30 - 13.00 hours)
- medical service or ´consultorio´ (tel: 958-769195)
- public el. school or ´colegio público´ (tel: 958-769161)
- forum (foro-ciudad)
- bus service granada and almería
- closest gas station in cádiar at 15 minutes: josé maría lópez (tel:958-768212)
- all our blog articles on bérchulesWe have a special chapter on bérchules on our website under ´region´.

- casa rural el paraje
- hotel los bérchules
- el mirador de bérchules
- el cercado
- el vergel de bérchules
- aula de la naturaleza la alpujarra
- appartments jesús peralta, appartments ramón,

- mountain biking with pure mountains or watch one of their videos

- bar juan (plaza iglesia 2, tel: 958-852553 alcútar)
- el mirador de berchules
- bar vaquero (plaza abastos, tel: 958-852549)
- bar vergeles (plaza iglesia 8)
- la triana
- bar La Posada
- cuatro vientos (calle carretera 4, tel: 958-769039 mondays closed)
- terraza la tranca (at village entrance crossing, tel: 958-852525)
- bar cafe el duende (tel: 679-823200)
- discotheque el duende (ctra. alcutar-bérchules, 958-769169 or 679-823200)

Off course you can have a drink on the terrace of el paraje

- casa rural el paraje (on reservation only)
- el mirador de bérchules
- hotel los bérchules (best call in advance)
- la triana
- el cercado
- bar cuatro vientos (´menu del día´ and ´raciones´)
- bar el duende
- bar pizzeria La Posada (plaza abastos)

- covirán (calle haza gualda 27, tel: 958-852579)
- spar (calle iglesia 14, tel: 958-769103)
- komo komo (calle haza gualda 13, tel: 958-769054)
- tienda isabel (calle agua 21, tel: 958-769081)

- bazar angelitas (estanco and giftshop, calle fuente iglesia, tel: 958-769163)
- el cairo (giftshop, tools and more, calle haza gualda, tel: 958-852585)
- hairdresser´s or ´peluquería´ lupe (calle haza gualda, tel: 958-852585)
- estanco alcútar (calle iglesia 8, alcutar, tel: 958-769097)
- bakery or ´panadería´ josé antonio
- pharmacy or ´farmácia´ san pantaleón (plaza abastos 1, tel: 958-769003)

- ocaba 2005 sl, constructions and renovation (calle nueva 6, tel: 685-544 830 or 653-462428)
- semilla la alpujarra sl (cno. de la sierra 16, tel: 958-852537)
- hermanos gervilla peralta - construction materials and animal food (tel: 618-924824 or 620-075353)
- la cooperativa (tel: 958-769005)

- caja rural de granada, with cashpoint (calle iglésia 4, tel: 958-769 031)
- caja granada (calle iglésia 17, tel:958-769012)

- fuente carmela, fuente la platera, fuente del porton, fuente grande, fuente de garcía, fuente agria

- Iglesia San Juan Bautista (Berchules), Iglesia Santa María La Mayor (Alcútar)

- Made by Alvaro Bernal Alejandre

- Slideshow San Marcos 2010
- Slide show of ten old photographs of the village: by Jordi Rico
- Slide show of three group photographs from 1894 taken from the virtual exhibition Luces de Sulayr
- Coat of arms or ´escudo´ of Casa Claudio

View on Bérchules with the Iglesia San Juan Bautista - foto: casa rural El Paraje.

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