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Berchules, Granada, Spain

30 October 2008

Lactarius deliciosus

Guests that recently walked the GR-7 from Juviles to Trevélez had told us about people collecting wild mushrooms in the pine woods. From local people we heard that they were looking for ´níscalos´ or ´robellones´. These saffron milk caps are apparently a type of fungi that finds its way to shops and restaurants in different parts of Spain. Today we went out mushrooming ourselves in the pines above Juviles. We soon found out that this red pine mushroom is completly covered with earth and needles so you need to look for small heaps and just try your luck. The forest had obviously been cleared quite thoroughly by other people, but nevertheless we did find enough to make a nice risotto. After some rain these saffron milk caps can grow overnight, so this might not be the end of the wild mushroom season yet.
 Lactarius deliciosus or saffron milk cap - foto: casa rural El Paraje

29 October 2008

Chestnut anniversary

Five years ago we were busy with the last preparations for the opening on the 1st of November. Friends from Holland that came over drove up in the mist and had at that moment no idea what the views could be like. Luckily the sun broke through the morning of the inauguration and we were able to roast chestnusts outside as we had planned a ´castañada´. Today the views are as good as ever, like the day of the opening. From the terrace we can see the sea clearly and the first snow on the mountains in the distance. A perfect day to cherish special memories and collect chestnuts.

Castanea sativa or sweet chestnut - foto: casa rural El Paraje