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Berchules, Granada, Spain

2 March 2010

Escudo Casa Claudio in Bérchules

In Bérchules there is one house with a coat of arms on the facade. It can be found in the Calle Real, close to the Plaza de Abastos. This coat of arms is close to entrance door of house number 1, known as Casa Claudio. It is part of the historic heritage and was included in the list of historic elements of the ADR Alpujarra, for which Agustín Sánchez Hita made an inventory a couple of years ago. The description of the ´escudo de armas´ says that it is engraved in marble and that it is divided in four fields. As we can see on the photograph we see on the upper left a castle, on the upper right a double eagle, on the lower left a goat underneath a tree, and on the lower right five padlocks. On the vertical band that divides the different fields we see lilies and on the horizontal band goblets. In the text of the website of the ADR we can also read that this decorative element is badly conserved. We suppose that it has been cleaned not to long ago as everything is clearly recognizable at the moment. No historic information is given on the website of the ADR Alpujarra, and we are curious to find out if anybody knows more about the background of this ´escudo nobilario´ or ´blasón de la familia´.Escudo de la Casa Claudio in Bérchules - photo: Casa Rural El Paraje

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