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Berchules, Granada, Spain

20 September 2012

Nice little youtube film to promote the Alpujarra region.  Click the link and enjoy!


14 September 2012

Sweet treat from the Alpujarra's

September is the season where these lovely figs are ripe.  
We serve them fresh with breakfast or as marmalade.  They make excellent desert as-well.

21 July 2012

Guest book "El Paraje"

Guest book for Casa Rural El Paraje on tripadvisor. Many of our visitors use this page to recommend the places they stayed. So they did also for our place. Check our guests findings about "El Paraje" here: Tripadvisor for Casa Rural "El Paraje"


20 July 2012

Fiestas de San Pantaleón in Bérchules

Just a week before "nochevieja" set the little village on "fire",San Pantaleón is a fiesta for the Bérchules people.  A fiesta where they meet local friends and family.  See the programme here, and feel free to come and join...

26 May 2012

5 days in Sierra Nevada

Serious walkers visit the Alpujarra's and stayed with us.
Jeroen and Renate from Holland travelled many places but Sierra Nevada and the Alpujarra's is ranked high on there list.
Read their blog (in Dutch) here:

20 April 2012

Fiestas de San Marcos y San Isidoro Bérchules

The program of the "Fiestas de San Marcos y San Isidoro Bérchules...

Sábado 21 de abril:
8:30 Diana Floreada
11:30 Concierto de la banda de musica en la plaza de la Iglesia.
12:00 Santa Eucharistía en honor de S. Marcos y S. Isidro
13:00 Procesión desde Bérchules a Alcútar, con tradicional reparto de roscos. Entrega de premios, al aparejo equino mejor ataviado, mejor carroza y ganado.
18:00 Corrida de cintas a caballo
22:30 Verbena amenizada por el grupo musical "Kayval".

Domingo 22 de abril:
13:00 Santa Eucharistía
14:15 Comida Popular en los bajos del Ayuntamiento.
18:00 Corrida de cintas en bici y cucañas para todos los menores.
20.30 Velada Flamenca en los bajos de Ayuntamiento.

An impression of the day:

Good atmosphere, lovely weather and nice people.  What more do you need for a nice day out?

6 March 2012

all shades off pink

Blossom time in the Alpujarras.  Its really worth the visit.  For the moment every almond tree in the region is in flowers.  All shades of white over pink to purple can be seen.

27 February 2012

Alpujarras nature management

Today 30 cows started grazing the dry grass on the meadows above the house for a 30 day period.  Afterwards the pastures will be ready for new plants and flowers.  Sheperd "Bienvenido" and his two dogs are keeping the livestock where they supposed to graze.  The impact of this type of grazing, where in a short period all the grass is shortened, is to keep the soil open to young new flowering plants and grasses.  The many flowers make the region so special in the upcoming months.

18 February 2012

Spring mountainbiketour

After heavy snow on Thursday we went out to the 2000 m pista for a ride.  The sun was there, but still some snow on the track.  Traces of wildlife everywhere.