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Berchules, Granada, Spain

16 March 2009

Legend of the ´Fuente de las Carmelas´ lives on

The last couple of months, a number of fountains in Bérchules and Alcútar have been done up. The ´Fuente de las Carmelas´, the drinking fountain at the entrance of Bérchules, looks very nice again. The water of this fountain is renowned for its excellent quality and it is therefor quite appropiate that the fountain has been renovated in such an attractive way. It has new ornamental tiles, but the old legend lives on. The story goes that there was once a Carmelite priest who found himself a fiancée after having drunk from this fountain. He got married and left the village, but this fountain therefor got the name ´Fuente de las Carmelas´. This is what the text on the tiles says:

No digas nunca de este agua no beberé, pues esta fuente que aquí ves

Es fuente de la virtud y tiene tal magnitud que a beber su agua invita,

lo confirmó un "Carmelita" que cura fue desta Iglesia,

y soltero que la beba con intención de casarse,

¡no falla pues al instante... Novia tiene! ¡ya lo ves!

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