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Berchules, Granada, Spain

26 April 2010

Procesión San Marcos between Bérchules and Alcútar 2010

On Saturday the 24th of April the procession of San Marcos from Bérchules to Alcútar took place. Many of  the young participants wore colourful flamenco dresses and stylish suits. Their seemed to be more riders - somebody counted about seventy horses - with beautiful mounts and a few more decorated cars compared to former years. Each year there is less livestock. As one person said to us, the faith in the blessing of the animals is diminishing. Somebody else mentioned that for the farmers that have their animals high up in the mountains it is a lot of work to take them all down. Instead of doing this, they now bring for example only two cows down to get the blessing. This doesn´t mean that there are less farmers that have cattle or less shepherds with sheep and goats in our village, it´s just that some berchuleros decide it´s no longer worth the effort. Although the character of the San Marcos fiesta might therefore change a little bit each year, it will most probably always remain a joyful happening for people of all ages. ´Una procesión muy linda y digna de ver´ as a friend said to us, with which we agree completely. We made a small slide show for the people that would like to get an impression of the San Marcos procession of 2010.

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