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30 July 2008

Our web tips

In this article we list websites that we think are special in one way or another. It is not a link list.
All usefull links can be found in the individual articles. Looking for links you can also use the search engine in the side column.


Luces de Sulayr
The history of the Sierra Nevada in all its aspects. It is the online version of the exhibition with the same name held in Granada from October 2009 to the end of January 2010. All books are scanned and can be read online. Discovering the contents of this site is an adventure in its own. Pure quality.
- Our article on the exhibition
- list all articles on Sierra Nevada

El Sabor de la Alpujarra
This is the online version of the booklet about food and drink from the Alpujarras. We introduced the publication in this article. Hoover with the mouse over the corners of the pages and click to turn the pages. (list all articles on food and drink)

Sierra Nevada News
An English news blog of Spanish Highs in Lanjarón about the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras. Well written, well tagged and easy to navigate.

Birdwatch Alpujarras
Ian Williams and Kiersten Rowland organize bird watching tours in the Alpujarras and adjacent regions. Their website is a good example of promotion with content, getting your enthousiasm across, and without being distracted by a lot of adds.
(list all articles on birds)

Recuerdos de Cástaras
We like this website about Cástaras a small village off the main road. The website made by Jorge García García breaths the tranquility of the village. It shows the cariño and dedication the maker has for the village and its roots. A special part that we would like to mention is the Mirada de Artistas. It is not a website to browse in a hurry.

Al sur de Granada - el blog de Rafael Gan
Rafael Gan from Motril has traveled around the Costa Tropical de Granada, la Alpujarra y algo más His interest in places and people has given him a knowledge about the region that is unique. In his blog he shares his experiences in a loose and joyful manner. His photos always show the heart of things.
A blog in Spanish that we follow regularly. We wrote an article about Rafaels blog when he started, but we think the blog deserves a permenent place in this list.
P.S. In 2011 Rafa started a new project RAFA TOURS. Check it out!


Tertulia Andaluza
"The definite guide to events in Andalusia." Read what´s happening in southern Spain in English or in Spanish. An online magazine with an agenda of cultural events, articles on Andalusian art, music, literature, gastronomy, architecture, the environment and society. Interesting book reviews and travel notes of the different Andalusian cities or of small hidden gems.

Anthos: Spanish plants information system
ANTHOS is a program that was developed in accordance with a specific agreement between the Fundación Biodiversidad (Biodiversity Foundation) (Ministry of the Environment) and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council) - Real Jardín Botánico (Royal Botanic Garden) (Ministry of Education & Science) in order to show assorted information about the plant life of Spain on the Internet. Scientifical quality. The reference guide for all Spanish flora enthousisasts.

Waste magazine
Spanish online magazine on science, nature and the environment. It contains a lot of information on the nature reserves in Andalusie, its flora and fauna. Here we link to the Sierra Nevada chapter. Apart from this, there are amongst others, articles on energy, recycling, pollution and waste.

Sollaúras - antes: La cabeza en las nubes, los pies en la tierra
Spanish blog of José César Perales López. About endurance cycling and (trail) running. Announcments, reports, background information and links.
"Un lugar sobre deporte, esfuerzo, resistencia, y las razones por las que hemos decidido disfrutar pasándolas canutas. "


National GeographicInspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. News and background information, sience, education, travel and more. Content and design, clearly structured.

Wild Wonders of Europe
"Revealing Europe´s amazing natural treasures to the world" . A beautiful and professional website on nature photography in various parts of Europe, inaugurated in May 2008. All photographers of the week have their own gallery showing their personal way of capturing the beauties of nature. Here we link to the Spanish galleries. Amazing website.


probably the most complete site about walking and hiking.  (in dutch)

Fiestas patronales de Alcútar

From the 8th to the10th of August the fiestas patronales in honour of Santo Cristo de la Misericordia are celebrated in Alcútar. Midnight on Friday the 8th of August there will be a performance of Tony Ronald. Saturday at 12:00 o´clock there will me a Holy Mass and a procesion at 21:00 hours. Sunday at 14:00 hours there will be paella for all the people present.

IV Jornadas Culturales de Cástaras y Nieles

From the 1st to the 3rd of August 2008 the nearby villages of Cástaras and Nieles celebrate their cultural days. Click here for the programme.

V Semana Cultural de Juviles of 2008

From the 1st to the 7th of August the Ayuntamiento Juviles organizes a semana cultural. Click here to see the programme.

29 July 2008

Sendero Local ´Junta de los Ríos´ changed

The local yellow-and-white waymarked circular walk of Bérchules called the ´Junta de los Ríos´ has been changed into a green-and-white waymarked linear walk up into the Sierra. It follows the Camino a Lanteira for 9,5 kilometres up to Cortijo los Poyos - or Cortijo de los Pollos - and the same way back to the village. The marker posts are placed only thinking about walking in one direction. Following the green-and-white waymarks you miss out the lovely part along the irrigation channel, the ´acequia nueva´. We therefore removed the old brochure of the local walks from our website. As far as we know a new brochure has not been developed. We offer our guests both the old and new version of the Junta de los Ríos walk with our own detailed descriptions.
PS of 15 March 2009:
The local walk Junta de los Ríos is now walk six in the new guidebook, see our post on the news of this publication.
Information on this walk and the GPS track can be found on the website of the Mancomunidad Alpujarra Turistíca.

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28 July 2008

GPS walking descriptions

Our fondness of walking in the mountains was one of the things that brought us in Bérchules, a village situated in a beautiful part of the Alpujarras. For six years we have been checking out routes and making descriptions. Since November 2007 a GPS is making our lives easier and enabled us to add many new interesting hikes to our file. We are now able to offer more accurate map material with a short description of the different waypoints, a profile of the altitudes and the exact lenght of each walk. We can offer the service of loading tracks on a Garmin GPS with usb

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24 July 2008

Iphiclides Podalirius or Scarce Swallowtail

Belgian guests spotted the Iphiclides Podalirius or Scarce Swallowtail on a walk to the village of Bérchules. We learned that this can be an unique experience for nature lovers from countries where this butterfly is getting rarer. Therefor we are delighted that the last few weeks we have seen this beautiful insect around the house quite regularly. The podalirio or chupaleche on the picture is not a local specimen though, but one that we photographed near the Río Bermejo above Pórtugos.

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