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6 April 2010

Sulayr GR240 introduction and links

We would like to dedicate an article to the Sulayr or GR240, anticipating questions we get from people that are thinking about walking this Long Distance Footpath. It will be a dynamic post, as we will add more information as we think this to be relevant.


We have made an index label Sulayr in order to list all articles related to the Sulayr in this blog. Off course this article will show up somewhere in the chain as well.
In order to only view the article, titles scroll down in the tabel of contents until you find GR240 or Sulayr. From there you can click to go to the whole article.


As an introduction we have extracted the module GR240 Sulayr from our website
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This is the official website of the Junta de Andalucia - Medio Ambiente on the Sulyar. Only partly available in English. In the chapter stages we link to pages within this site.


The stages are arbitrary. The majority starts and ends in the middel-of-nowhere. You might need to add the kilometres and the time to access the route from a village.
Nevertheless the stages are useful to describe the route. On the website of the Junta de Andalucía you will find this list of all stages all with links to their individual description and map. Below we already sorted the links per stage.

Tramo 01: Centro de visitantes ´Dornajo´- Casa forestal ´La Cortijuela´ (14,7 km; begins 1 km from hotel el Dornajo)
Tramo 02: Casa forestal ´La Cortijuela´ - Rinconada de Nigüelas (19,4 km)
Tramo 03: Rinconada de Nigüelas - Tello (15 km)
Tramo 04: Tello - Puente Palo (8,7 km)
Tramo 05: Puente Palo - Capileira (10,5 km; ends in village Capileira)
Tramo 06: Capileira - Trevélez (17,4 km; begins in village Capileira , ends in village Trevélez)
Tramo 07: Trevélez - Lastonar (24,9 km; begins in village Trevélez)
Tramo 08: Lastonar - Fuente del Espino (16,5 km)
Tramo 09: Fuente del Espino - Barranco Riachuelo (20,6 km; Posada de los Arrieros 1km up the main road)
Tramo 10: Barranco Riachuelo - El Cerecillo (15,2 km)
Tramo 11: El Cerecillo - La Polarda (20,7 km; ends 1 km from Vivac de la Polarda)
Tramo 12: La Polarda - La Roza (16,9 km; begins 1 km from Vivac de la Polarda)
Tramo 13: La Roza - Piedra Negra (11,2 km)
Tramo 14: Piedra Negra - El Toril (19,2 km)
Tramo 15: El Toril - Las Chorreras (10,2 km; albergue Puerto de la Ragua  or this web half way, quite off track)
Tramo 16: Las Chorreras - Postero Alto (21,4 km; ends in fully equiped refugio Postero Alto)
Tramo 17: Postero Alto - Peña Partida (16 km; begins in fully equiped refugio Postero Alto)
Tramo 18: Peña Partida - La Hortichuela (14,5 km)
Tramo 19: La Hortichuela - Centro de Visitantes ´El Dornajo´ (17,1 km; ends 1 km from hotel el Dornajo)


We would like to mention that all credits go to the walkers and cyclists that put the GPS information on the internet to share their enthousiasm!

The complete trail on wikiloc by Santiago Sánchez Legaza who did the route on mountain bike. He also made a complete altitude profile and map which you can also see on his forum. (thanks Santiago!)

Stage 1 on wikiloc by multicolor
Stage 2 on wikiloc by zimbo
Stage 3 on wikiloc by zimbo
Stage 4 on wikiloc by zimbo or by trosdejos
Stage 5 on wikiloc by zimbo or by trosdejos
Stage 6 on wikiloc by zimbo
Stage7 on wikiloc by zimbo
Stage 8 on wikiloc by zimbo
Stage 12 on wikiloc by pacoxix
Stages 12 and 13 (with circular walk connection over the Cerro del Buitre) by trosdejos
we have not found individual tracks of the stages 14, 15 16, 18 and 19
Stage 17 on wikiloc by trosdejos


- English topo guide on the Sulayr
- Spanish topo guide on the Sulayr
- Sulayr Los Caminos de la Luz (photo book Penibética)
- All stage descriptions and maps by Nevasport (a Spanish summary on rapidshare)


The Sierra Nevada Parque Nacional has put its camping guidelines in this paper: normativa de acampada. Officially you have to inform the park authorities on your camping plans. This is the paper you need to fill in: notificación de acampada nocturna


Use the scroll bars to move the map.

map from Guía Turistica de La Alpujarra Granadina

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