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Berchules, Granada, Spain

23 March 2011

Aristolochia baetica or Dutchman´s Pipe

On some of the walks in the lower parts of the Alpujarras it is at the moment possible to enjoy winter and spring flowers. An example of a plant that flowers from autumn to late spring is the Aristolochoia baetica which in English is known as a Dutchman´s Pipe. In our Dutch flora guide it is mentioned that the plants of the Aristolochiaceae family are known as ´pijpbloemen´ because the shape of the flowers resemble an old German pipe. In Spanish a number of its names refer to a type of candle: candilicos (as it is known in the Alpujarra), candilejos, candiles, candilillos, candilitos or farolitos. The Aristolochia baetica is a creeper that clambers into shrubs or trees. It can be found in southern and eastern Spain, southern Portugal and North Africa, usually at low altitudes. We photographed this ´candil´ on a beautiful part of the long distance walking path GR7 close to Montenegro at an altitude of approximately 900 metres. In Montenegro we saw about twenty tall Hyacinth Orchids also called Giant Orchids, we now know why. Near the ´fuente´ of this small hamlet we saw more of these tall pink orchids as well as a number of Yellow Bee Orchids. Next year we will do this walk early March to see these magnificent wild orchids in full blossom.

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