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23 April 2010

Ophrys lutea or Yellow Ophrys

One of the first wild orchids to flower in the Alpujarras, is the Ophrys lutea or Yellow Ophrys. Their flowering period is from the end of March to the beginning of May. At this moment there are hundreds to be enjoyed on the GR7 between Cádíar and Lobras, especially near the Rambla de Albayar, the crossing of the GR142 and the GR7. This small orchid (about 10-30 cm tall) is also called yellow bee orchid, in Spanish ´flor de abeja´. In some species the flowers resemble the abdomen of a bee so closely that a male tries to fertilise it and gets covered in pollen, this is rubbed off on the next blossom. Which is just what the plant wants. In former years we saw this orchid along the acequia above Nieles, but not hardly as many. The Ophrys lutea is said to be one of the most wide spread wild orchids in the Granada province.

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