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Berchules, Granada, Spain

13 May 2010

Orchis olbiensis or Southern Early Purple

Close to the finca of ´El Paraje´, there are at the moment large number of small pink and purple orchids in flower. You can see these wild orchids going up the ´pista alta´ from the Cruz de Juviles. Having a look in different flora books and on the internet we think that it is an Orchis mascula subs. olbiensis, sometimes called Orchis olbiensis. This Southern Early Purple is said to be one of the most common and best-known Mediterranean orchids. To see this olbia orchis we recommend our Barranquillo de Agua walk. There are large clusters of purple and pink orchids near the cortijo de Barranquillo de Agua (between waypoints 11 and 12 and the map of our walk), a magnificent sight. For our Dutch readers we like to mention that this is the Kleine mannetjesorchis.
PS On the 24th of May we saw one Southern Early Purple near the threshing circle at the highest part of our terrain, from where you can see the cortijo Barranquillo de Agua in the distance.

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