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22 April 2010

El Patrimonio Histórico de la Alpujarra y Río Nacimiento

Today we like to dedicate a post to a publication that we think to be special: El Patrimonio Histórico de la Alpujarra y Río Nacimiento. It is a journey through the history, the landscape and the old community life in the Alpujarras, through its patrimony. It is written by the ethnologist Agustín Sánchez Hita and it was published by the ADR Alpujarra-Sierra Nevada (Asociación para la promoción económica y el Desarrollo Rural) in 2007. Last Sunday, we had the pleasure to be introduced to Agustín. He told us that for the ADR he is at the moment working on a route on the traditional arquitecture of the high Alpujarra: ´Arquitectura tradicional de la Alpujarra alta granadina´. Agustín is also the co-author of El Paisaje industrial en Andalucía. The excellent publication El Patrimonio Histórico de la Alpujarra y Río Nacimiento can not be found in any bookshop, but can be obtained for free through the office of the ADR in Laujar de Andarax or in Órgiva. According to Agustín there are not many copies left, so anybody interested in obtaining this publication should not wait too long in contacting the ADR:
ADR Laujar De Andarax
Plaza Mayor De Las Alpujarra, 1
950 51 41 61

ADR Órgiva‎
Calle de Lora Tamayo, 17
958 784 340‎

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