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10 August 2011

Satyrus actea or Black Satyr

A butterfly that has caught our attention on recent walks is the Black Satyr. According to the online magazine Waste Ideal, there have been cited two subspecies of this ´Negra´ in Sierra Nevada, namely Satyrus actaea subsp nevadensis and the Satyrus actaea subs podarcina. It does not mention in what ways these two subspecies differ, except that the first one flies at higher altitudes. As we mentioned in our article on the ´High route to Trevélez in High summer´ we saw the Satyrus actaea flying in large numbers on the slopes of the Peña de los Papos, only every now and then resting on a stone. On our new route ´Trevélez por el Horcajo´ we saw them close to streams, acequias and barrancos feeding on ragworts, mint and thistles. Like the Parnassius Apollo nevadensis, Pseudochazara hippolyte and the Erebia hispana, this is a butterfly that is being monitored by the Observatorio Cambio Global de Sierra Nevada. Of these four species, it is this Black Satyr that we sight in largest numbers.

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