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24 February 2011

Senderos Locales Trevélez

In 2010 a number of local walks of Trevélez were newly waymarked and documented.
These are:
SL-A 78 ´Sendero del Peñabón´ a circular walk of 7.3 km 
SL-A 79 ´Sendero del Horcajo´ a linear walk of 8.7 km   
SL-A 80 ´Sendero del Puerto de Jérez´ a linear walk of 4 km   
SL-A 81 ´Sendero del Chorrillo´ a linear walk of 6.6 km 
Maps with (Spanish) description can be found in this PDF on the FEDAMON website

The small booklet ´Rutas por Trevélez´ is now available as well. In this publication information can be found on these four routes, but also on the ruta los tres barrios, Molino Altero, Siete Lagunas, GR-7 y Sulayr (GR-240), Mulhacén por el Chorrillo, Mulhacén por Siete Lagunas and Laguna de Vacares. This booklet can be obtained at the Ayuntamiento (958858501) or the Trevélez tourist information point (650039185).

Today we went up the Mulhacén using the route Sendero del Chorillo to reach the south ridge of the Mulhacén. The waymarking to find the start  of the SL-A81, the GR7 to Busquístar and the GR240 to Capileira has been improved. But from 2,200 metres to the Chorillo at 2,730 metres the waymarking is still poor. In the summer finding the track will not be a problem, but now only a few old posts can be seen above the snow. Without a GPS track we would not advise people that are not familiar with the route to go up with snow or limited visibility. Technically the route gave no problems today, but the route is steep and snowshoes or crampones were needed with the present amount of snow.
Going on to the Mulhacén summit over the ridge was a pure joy (apart from losing our wind :) with the fantastic weather we had today. On the photo we look back south to the Mulhacén II (3,361 m).
While walking  down from the Chorillo back to Trevélez, the soft melting snow required quite some concentration. To walk from Trevélez (1,500 m)  to the Mulhacén (3,482 m) and back, an average hiker should calculate 9 to 10 hours.

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