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23 February 2011

Inauguration Centro de Interpretación Minero in Tímar

Mining and the consequent transformation of metals form an important part of the history of the Alpujarra. Copper, bronze, iron, lead, zinc and mercury (cinnabar) are examples of the abundant mineral wealth of the area. A mining boom took place from 1910 to 1936. On our walk ´Tímar por los Riscos´ you pass the ruins of two mercury mines. Before reaching Tímar you see what is left of the Minas Rodríguez-Acosta (waypoints 06 and 07 on our map) and next to the cemetery you see the Minas de Retama known es ´La Fábrica de los Italianos´ as it was owned by Italians (waypoint 08 on our map) . Both sites were declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 2007. As mercury mining constitutes an important part of the industrial heritage of the village, the local authorities have strived for the realization of of a mining museum for many years. The first result is a mining interpretation centre in the former school building of Tímar. Thanks to the post ´Centro de Interpretación Minero´ of Rafatours we learned that it will be officially inaugurated this coming Saturday the 26th of February at 12.00 hours. The Centro de Interpretación Minero can be visited by appointment.

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