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25 August 2010

Aquila chrysaetos or golden eagle

There are a number of places in the Sierra Nevada and Alpujarra that have a name that refers to an an animal, like Plaza de Lobos or Hoyo del Lobo. When we pass the Tajo del Águila between Juviles and Tímar, we actually quite often see eagles. Mostly you see birds of prey hover or circle high in the sky, too far for us to take a photograph with our camera. The other day we were lucky enough to see a golden eagle fly very low, a few metres in front of us. We had the feeling we could have shaken hands with this magnificent ´águila real´. When we had a look at the map to see where we had this special encounter, we saw the name ´Tosca del águila´. Maybe it was not such a coincidence after all.

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