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19 April 2010

Report of the II Censo de aves de la Alpujarra 18th of April 2010

Yesterday we joined the second bird counting organized by Miranda, Trevor and Carmen of the Alquería de Morayma. Just like last time, Miranda and Trevor handed out lists with the bird species they have spotted over the last twenty years near Mecina Bombarón and Cádiar.
This census Antonio Ramos, a guide of the Parque Natural Sierra Nevada, was going to join the group. He had taken a present with him for all the participants: the CD ´El Sonido de los Parques Nacionales - Sierra Nevada´ of Carlos de Hita and Iñaki Gabilondo.
After coffee, breakfast, greetings and introductions, the group of ten birders was ready to set off. Within five minutes, the first five birds could be ticked on the list. Gary, a wildlife specialist living in Cádiar, had brought his telescope and put it up for special observations. Hereby, all participants could see a nest of a green woodpecker that could hardly be seen with the naked eye.

When Gary sighted a pair of hawfinches (picogordo) near the Rambla de Albayar, he immediately exclaimed that this was the bird of the day. This coccothraustes coccothraustes, a passerine bird in the finch family, is a shy bird often hiding between leaves in the top of trees. This was the first species that we were able to incorporate. The crag martín (avión roquero) and red rumped swallow (golondrina daurica) were also added on to the list. Some participants were a bit disappointed about not sighting any birds of prey, but spotting a golden oriole and a flock of bee-eaters close to Lobras did make up something. On this second bird census, the group has come up with thirthy-seven sightings. This is the list with the results of the II Censo de aves de la Alpujarra held on the 18th of April 2010.
We encourage all birdwatchers coming to the area, to do this ´ruta de los pajaros´ and to take the list with them. We are curious to learn more about other sightings on this route on different moments of the year. So birdwatchers please leave your comments.

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Buenas Familia.
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Por cierto, me encanta la foto.¿Puedo usarla para mi blog?. Estamos trabajando en el colegio unas Jornadas de Medio Ambiente.
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