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17 July 2011

Libelloides longicornis

Just after writing an article on the Libelloides baeticus, we saw a large number of a different species of owlflies near the Peñon del Lobo in the Sierra above Mecina Bombarón at an altitude about 2,400 metres. We were delighted to see two of them resting on a stem that kept still just long enough to get a picture. A little bit higher up we reached a mountain pasture, and there they were flying around in even greater numbers. The ones we photographed yesterday were the Libelloides longicornis, which occur in a number countries in southern Europe. We found an informative text on the Libelloides longicornis in Dutch on the website of the Soortenbank. We are now looking forward to photograph the other four species of owlflies of Spain: Libelloides coccajus, Libelloides ictericus, Libelloides hispanicus and the Libelloides cunii.

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