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Berchules, Granada, Spain

28 November 2010

Bronze symbols of Sierra Nevada of José María Moreno Rodrigo

For two more days the exhibition ´Luces de Sulayr, Cinco Siglos en la Imagen de Sierra Nevada´ can be visited in the Centro de Arte of Almería. Altough the exhibition is quite small compared to the one which was held in Granada last year, it is still interesting. We especially enjoyed the bronze sculptures of insects, birds and mammals of José María Moreno Rodrigo. His sculputures of fauna of the Sierra Nevada were earlier this year exhibited in the Parque de la Ciencias de Andalucía en Granada. On the website of the Casa Taller Miguel Moreno a list of artistic reproductions can be found, amongst which the twenty-four sculptures that form his project ´Esculturas Símbolo de Sierra Nevada´. The Alpine Accentor is an example of a true symbol, as it is a bird that inhabits the high mountains. On the summits of the Mulhacén and Veleta it can often be observed. It has become quite familiar with the presence of people and does not act shyly at all. Something we experienced ourselves and that is also mentioned on the Spanish text of Prunella collaris or Acentor alpino on Wikipedia.

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