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18 May 2010

Rutas temáticas del Patrimonio Histórico en la Alpujarra Alta

A new publication of the ethnologist Agustín Sánchez Hita is a fact. This book Rutas Temáticas del Patrimonio Histórico – La Arquitectura Tradicional en la Alpujarra Alta was commissioned by the ADR Alpujarra-Sierra Nevada and presented in Pitres on Wednesday the third of May. This well documented guide gives suggestions for routes to get to know the natural and cultural heritage of a part of the high Alpujarra. Bérchules forms part of the high Alpujarra as well, but this guide comprises information on thirteen better known villages: Pampaneira, Bubión, Capileira, Pitres, Capilerilla, Mecina Fondales, Mecinilla, Fondales, Ferreirola, Atalbéitar, Pórtugos, Busquístar and Trevélez. In these villages there are new panels with information on the most interesting historic buildings or elements with a map to find them. Unfortunately there are no English translations of the texts for the visitors that can´t read Spanish. There are a limited number of copies available of Rutas Temáticas del Patrimonio Histórico that will be distributed amongst local libraries and town halls. We have this publication with thematic routes in the library of ´El Paraje´ and can make copies of parts of the book for the guests that would be interested.
Agustín Sánchez Hita is one of the speakers of the Jornadas sobre Paisaje y Patrimonio de la Alpujarra that are going to be held in Pitres the 11th and 12th of June. On Friday the 11th of June at 19.00 hours he will make up a critical balance of the present situation regarding the historical heritage of the Alpujarra.

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