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4 May 2010

21 días en la Valle de las Sensaciones

La Valle de las Sensaciones is an ecovillage near Yátor. It is a project of creative community life in harmony with nature. The ´Valley of the Sensations´ is set in a spectacular landscape with unsual erosive formations, with a stream running though it and an enormous degree of biodiversity. The initiators of this ´ecoaldea´ aspire to be a place of inspiration and co-operation for artists, craftsmen and technicians. A fertile ground for new programs that combine art, ecology and technology. They organize events such as full moon parties, and offer courses such as percussion workshops, making musical instruments, clay building, construction of geodesic domes, making furniture, etc. The aim of the project ´Valle de Sensaciones´ is to create a space rich in nature, which design, installations and sustainable infrastructure are allowing people to experiment a wide variety of projects that revive the senses, including the conscience, and help to recreate a profound contact with the spirit of nature, the basis of our life. The Valle de Sensaciones received an award for investigation in renewable energies of the Caja España in 2002.

Samanta Villar is a Spanish journalist who has made programmes about things she expierenced profoundly by spending three weeks with the people she interviewed for her program ´21 días´. Her latest experience - this will at the same time be her last programme - is the most mystical, as she spent three weeks in the Valle de las Sensaciones. In the Alpujarras she will try to get to know herself better through different rituals of shamanism. Her experiences of community life taking part in all sorts of activities, like the celebration of a gaia-iniciation, will be broadcasted on Sunday the 9th of May on Cuatro 21 días Buscando a Samanta from 21.30 till 00.00 hours.

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