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Berchules, Granada, Spain

27 January 2009

January weather

Sometimes people ask us what the weather is generally like in January. This is a not an easy question to answer, because it varies a lot. We had a strong cold wind yesterday for example, and this morning it was peacefully quiet. The sea in the distance reflected the sunlight. When we took this picture, it felt comfortably warm on the terrace. We placed a thermometer in de sun and we saw it quickly rise to thirty-five degrees, in the shade it read not more than ten degrees centigrade though. This shows a little bit how the weather can differ enormously, depending on whether the sun is out or not. A couple of warm days like today, and we will see the first almond trees blossoming.
Almond grove with the sea in the background on a January day - foto: casa rural El Paraje
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