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Berchules, Granada, Spain

20 April 2011

Timon lepidus or Ocellated lizard

One of the special moments of the spring Bird Census last Saturday was watching a pair of Ocellated lizards through Gary´s telescope. Antonio Ramos, guide of the Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada, took a good photograph of these ´lagartos ocelados´ basking in the sun. We read on Wikipedia that this Ocellated lizard  is part of the cuisine of Extremadura. "In this region there is a speciality known as lagarto con tomate. This dish is made by frying slices of lizard in olive oil, after which they are stewed with tomatoes and onions on a slow fire in an earthenware pot." This is something that never would have crossed our minds while watching this wall lizard along the GR7 path between Cádiar and Lobras.

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