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Berchules, Granada, Spain

15 April 2011

Colias alfacariensis or Berger's Clouded Yellow

A couple of days ago we took this photograph of this Colias alfacariensis or Berger´s Clouded Yellow (we think) close to the wall of our large terrace. They say that the Berger´s Clouded Yellow is very difficult to distinguish from the Pale Clouded yellow (Colias hyale). The only thing we go by is comparing pictures and reading about the differences. The Berger’s Clouded Yellow was identified as a distinct species from the Pale Clouded Yellow in 1945 and is named after the Belgian entomologist, L.A. Berger, who made this discovery. This species is considered one of the rarest migrants to the British Isles. In the Netherlands is has been sighted only nine times in the past century, according on the information on this Zuidelijke Luzernevlinder on On the Guía de Mariposas of the online Waste magazine only the Colias alfacariensis (´Colias de Berger´ in Spanish) is mentioned, would be interesting to know whether this is because this one is the only one sighted in Andalucía.

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