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31 March 2010

Visita de Ildefonso Falcones a Juviles

Guests that passed through Juviles today, saw the announcement that Ildefonso Falcones will visit this village this coming Saturday. Google could not help but the web of the town hall does mention it. Our guests were sure it was the 3rd of April. Juviles will dedicate a street to this author out of gratefulness that this village is receiving more visitors as the protagonist of his second historical novel La mano de Fátima, published in 2009, was born in this village. The story starts off with the uprising of the Moors in the Alpujarras in 1564. A large part of the book is situated in this area, and therefore more foreign visitors can be expected when this excellent novel becomes available in more languages.
The expected date for the English translation The hand of Fatima is according to Amazon the 19th of August. For the Dutch and Flemish readers of this blog, we would like to mention that the Dutch translation De hand van Fatima is due to come out on the 24th of May.
Idelfonso Falcones, internationally renowned for his bestseller La catedral del mar (The cathedral of the sea), will inaugurate the street that will be named after him at 14.00 hours. Calle Ildefonso Falcones is a new street that connects the Paseo de las Eras with the Edificio Cultural of Juviles.
P.S. This morning (the 1st of April) we found an article in the Ideal of Rafael Vílchez, confirming the 3rd of April or Sábado Santo.

Visita de Ildefonso Falcones a Juviles. Reconocimiento por parte del Excmo. Ayuntamiento

PS 3rd of April. And so it happened:
Ildefonso Falcones inaugurating his street in Juviles on the 3rd of April 2010 - photo: casa rural El Paraje

Ildefonso Falcones signing our copies of La mano de Fátima - photo: Encarni Barragán

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