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Berchules, Granada, Spain

20 March 2010

Narcissus Cantabricus

Today we felt like taking pictures of wild flowers that symbolize spring as this season starts officially tomorrow. For that reason we followed part of the pequeño recorrido PR 25 and the PR 32 in the Sierra de la Contraviesa towards Jorairátar, and we walked back on the GR142 through the Rambla de Repenil. Nature is further there, as the average altitude is about four hundreds metres lower than were we are at El Paraje. Right on leaving Cádiar, on the Collado de la Ventilla, we saw many graceful daffodils. It appeared to be the White Hoop-petticoat Daffodil. This trumpet-shaped low white narcissus can be found in Southeren Spain, the Balearic Islands and North-west Africa (Algeria and Marroco). It is therefore quite curious that this delicate flower carries the name Narcissus Cantabricus. Later we saw grape hyacinths, poppies and many other beautiful flowers, but the Narcissus Cantabricus remained our day favourite.

Narcissus Cantabricus near Cádiar - photo: casa rural El Paraje

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