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15 January 2010

Rain and storm damage

There is much damage to bridges and paths as a result of the spell of rough weather we have had. Heavy rain for days on end caused landslides and waterfalls. As a result a number of our walking routes are not possible at the moment. Today was the first day we went out for a short walk. We followed the GR7 out of Trevélez and saw how a great part of the path before crossing the Río Chico had disappeared and that there was nothing left of the bridge. This is just one example. From what we have heard and read in the newspapers, many dykes, ditches and retaining walls have collapsed. We will try to gather information and go out ourselves to check our routes, so that we can inform our guests in the best possible way. The bridge over the Río Chico disappeared as a result of the extreme winter rains - foto: casa rural El Paraje

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