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15 August 2009

Sculptures Manuel Martín at Expo Cádiar

Manuel Martín Quesada is one of the exhibitors at the Expo Cádiar 2009. At the entrance of the fair part of his sculptural project ´Por la memoria viva de la Alpujarra´ can be seen. This life-size representation of the Alpujarran agricultural heritage that is slowly disappearing, is unique for its combination of colour, shape and expresion. Outside ´la trilla´ can be seen, translated as ´the threshing´ which is always called ´la parva´ in the Alpujarra. In the background there are a few goats which are part of the representation of ´pastoreo con cabras´. A shepherd with more goats can be seen inside where Manuel Martín has another stand. Here we picked up a brochure on this magnificent project in which the sculptor explains his ideas and in which he gives information on the materials he used. This same text can be found on the blogsite with news and events in Cádiar. More information on the artist and sculptor who lives and works in Narila, can be found on the Manuel Martín website.
Proyecto escultórico Manuel Martín at Expo Cádiar foto: casa rural El Paraje

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