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8 March 2009

Fallen wayposts on GR142 cause confusión

Yesterday guests got lost while walking the GR142 from Cádiar to Lobras. As we don´t like the idea that more people need to retrace their steps in the future, we decided to check out whether there are any changes. We found out that a few wooden wayposts have fallen on this stretch, probably as a result of the bad weather we had this winter. Unfortunately this has happened at a point which already caused difficulties in the past. Halfway on the ridge of the Loma Callón - 2,13 kilometres from Alquería de Morayma -, you need to bear right for about sixteen metres, to immediately climb up a field of almonds and figs to continue in the same south-west direction following the ridge. A red-and-white cross on a stone gives the impression that you should not enter this orchard, but what it indicates is that you need to ignore the track to the right towards a ochre-coloured new house. You also need to ignore the track to the left, although there is no red-and-white cross here. After having entered the field you see a red-and-white paint mark on a fig tree about ten trees further as counted from the edge. One of the attractive aspects of walking the GR142 is walking through orchards and vineyards. But unfortunately this has also proved to be a little bit confusing as there are sometimes no clear paths, especially after fields have been ploughed.
Walking through orchards on the GR142 from Cádiar to Lobras with red-and-white paint marks on the fig trees - foto: casa rural El Paraje

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