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Berchules, Granada, Spain

6 November 2008

The first snowfall

Quite a lof of snow fell on many parts of Spain last week. In Sierra Nevada there is now such an amount that they are talking about opening the Granada ski station the 22nd of November. On this picture taken today you can see how close the snow is to the village of Bérchules. The snow line is close to 2,000 metres. In the meantime the weather has stabilized and when you look at the forecast, you can see that it will be perfect for hiking, horse riding or mountain biking the whole coming week. The maximum temperatures mentioned, around 13 degrees, are as measured in the shade. In the sun the temperatures easily reach 10 degrees more. On television the proverb “año de nieves, año de bienes”, was repeated quite a few times the last couple of days. Let´s hope that this saying “year of snows, year of riches” holds true. It´s already quite a joy to see that there´s now more water flowing from the fountains in the village since the first precipitations.
Village of Bérchules with snow-capped sierra - foto: casa rural El Paraje
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