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19 February 2009

Finding articles by labels

Labels identify the articles by their contents. They indicate what the articles are about. An article may have more than one label. If within a group of articles (let´s say ´food and drink´ quite some article on wine occur they may have an extra sublabel ´wine´. While our blog grows, new labels or sublabels may arise in the future.

* The label links will list the complete articles
* You can also list the table of content, showing only titles per label
* You can also search on keywords in the search box in the side column!

Casa rural (all articles on our country hotel)

Events (all announcements and reports of cultural events)

Walks (all articles related to walking and walking routes)
sub: local walks, GR7, GR142, GR240, sulayr, mulhacen,

Fauna (all articles on fauna of the alpujarras, sierra nevada)

Flora (all articles on flora of the alpujarras, sierra nevada and our own finca)
sub: birds, butterflies, flora-endemic, flora-finca

Food and drink (all food and drink)
sub: wine

General news (news about the Alpujarras that does not fit in any special category)

Publications (articles on books, leaflets and guides)

Villages of the Alpujarras (click to go to the special village list article)All villages have their own label once an article is related to that village. You can choose the village from the right hand column or from this special article on villages


Other labels:
acequias (the centuries old irrigation system of the alpujarras)
heritage (the cultural roots of the Alpujarras)
music (articles with online music)
photo-journey (photo series by guest of Casa Rural El Paraje)
sierra nevada (articals related to this geological part of the Alpujarras) sub: mulhacenvideo (articles with video)

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